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13 Reasons. Flag off a global career
Making future Managers future-ready

IBMR-IBS lets students graduate with MBA in two years of study. An advantage exclusive to IBMR-IBS the students get a degree from a recognized university plus hands on industry-training. Industry Aligned training being the only thing which makes your resume the recruiters’ favorite, IBMR-IBS guilds together University oriented curriculum with multiple skill-set training for varied industries.

Industry Aligned concept-an edge over conventional Management Programmes

Industry Aligned concept sharply focuses on aspects like Profile Mapping, Skill-gap analysis and industry analysis which enables the students scale up to the industry demands. Students get global exposure through International exchange and internship programmes which form an integral part of the industry aligned curriculum.

Rankings, credentials and strengths
Strengths to enhance your potential

An unrivalled legacy of achievements for over 16 years

Listed among top 100 B schools in different surveys

First B school in India to offer Industry Aligned Program

Sprawling Campuses spread across 3 states in India- Bangalore, Hubli, Gurgaon and Ahmadabad

4th best for Highest salary in South India

17th Best for Return on Investment in India - an IMBR-IBS MBA is a gateway to your dream career

18th Best for Highest Average Salaries

Over 6100 alumni in India and Abroad

5 partner Universities and Institutes from countries like UK, France, Singapore and Malaysia

100+ renowned faculty members from all over the world

SAP training from SAP
SAP - your password to professional success

IBMR-IBS has joined hands with SAP Academy to offer specialized training for various SAP modules. SAP India is the fastest growing subsidiary of SAP SE, the world’s leading provider of business automation solutions. SAP professionals are in great demand in the industry and IBMR-IBS is opening up new avenues for future managers to get trained in various modules of SAP. The SAP Student Academy program expands on SAP’s existing engagement with educational institutions. The SAP Student Academy is designed to provide convenient and cost-effective SAP training to aspiring students. SAP certification gives our students competitive edge over other students.

Be a specialist in specializing…

Choosing a specialization that has hardly been a matter of choice. The IBMR-IBS orientation which is conducted by stalwarts with over two decades of illustrious experience in varied industries helps you find the right specialization which matches your aptitudes, aspirations and ambition. Good bye to influences, you be the opinion-leader and take a well thought decision on what makes your career a career in its true sense.

Choose from most emerging specializations…
Be the choice!

How do you choose your specialization in Management? HR, Marketing or Finance, IT & IB. Here, when you go with the trend, you lag far behind than where your skills could take you to. At IBMR-IBS, we offer specializations which cater to the demands of the future industry-demands. Be it in Retail, Supply chain Management, Banking & Insurance, Health Care Management, Travel & Tourism, International Business, Information System, what not, specialization at IBMR-IBS is a road map to actualize your ambitions.

Program delivery with 60% practical and 40% theory approach
Perfection and professionalism through Practice

At IBMR-IBS we understand that management is all about tackling problems successfully in real-life situations. Experience and only experience can guide you in your path to be a leader. IBMR-IBS has designed a program wherein you have to accomplish three projects across the program plus hands on job experience in the last semester. Such an approach ensures that our students are already familiarized with the real industry working environment which makes them ‘apply’ and perform to the best of their abilities across any industry.

International Certifications and Exchange Programs
Mentoring the future ‘Global Indian’

Management program at IBMR-IBS exposes you to a global environment, be it in terms of the faculty, the peers you end up interacting with and over all, the perspective any student ends up developing. Students can opt for certification & exchange programme with partner universities in UK , France & Singapore. Internationally recognized certifications provided for the same would enable the students make the best out of such exchange programs to enhance their profile and career

Opportunity to work and study
On the job, before you land one

The Industry Aligned MBA program offered by IBMR IBS is rigorous 2 year program that offers immense value to aspirants through on job Experience and potential to earn while studying. The program is designed to offer hands on experience to the students on job so that they are equipped with Practical skills and insights. The program delivery includes 2 Minor projects and 1 Major project followed by Job Experience in Sem IV aiming at making student gain experience. This also helps student to start earning even before they complete the program. This initiative of placing students early has received good response from students and parents. At the end of the day student will be able to earn while studying on the programme.

International Internships & Industry Visits
On the way to be a Global leader

Apart from globally acclaimed programs which instill an international perspective, IBMR-IBS also has internship programs inbuilt in its curriculum which offer the student internships with leading MNCs worldwide. This enables the student gain professional knowledge about changing work pattern in MNCs worldwide. IBMR-IBS arranges industry visits and trips which provide a practical testing ground for students to apply, imbibe and push the frontiers of what they have acquired methodically and practically.

Faculty of national and international repute
Global exposure-our litmus test to faculty members

At IBMR-IBS we go to any extent to bring you the best faculty members. We scrupulously pick your mentors and no wonder, every team member here would have an illustrious track record in their own domain of expertise. With papers published in prestigious international publications and seminars, our faculty brings in a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge in the latest aspects of management in different industries. Our faculty, in other words is a single window to ‘anything of moment’ in management. We also constantly invite acclaimed faculty and lecturers from various streams to interact with our students.

C2C-Campus to Corporate
Blazing their own trail without fail

The C2C program is designed in a way exclusive to IBMR-IBS so that the students get trained and specialized as per the specific industry needs and demands. As students choose their specialization guided by our expert team, they will undergo rigorous industry oriented training through which they can specifically identify and pursue the areas which are their best match. The program enables students to identify their unique potential, rise up to and deliver the best they could.

Mentoring by Corporate Council
Build your expertise straight by experts

IBMR-IBS pools in a specialized team comprising of HR professionals and those decisive members from the hiring department of various industries who will mentor groups of students to perform up to latest industry demands and standards. Such a concept is unique at IBMR-IBS where the students get mentored directly by industry experts apart from expert faculty orientation.

4 weeks Induction and orientation program
Getting Acquainted. Getting Ahead.

Learning in Management, IBMR-IBS believes is a life-long process. All we need to do is to instill the passion for learning from experience. Our 4 weeks induction program is a students’ eye-opener to his or her own future goals and pursuits. Also it encourages the student to be a part of a global community and expand their horizons.

Our induction programmes are always rated 10 on 10.



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